“Many thanks for your prompt service in supplying the parts we needed for our Hymer Camp. We are really enjoying our new ‘movable home’”
8th January 12
Larry, Offaly

“Enjoying our new house and all is going well so far. No trouble with driving on the left and loving the really warm weather in the South of France. Thanks again your team is fantastic.”
15th May 12
Mary & Jim, Meath

“Greetings from foreign places, the Carroll & Mcauley has been spotted 30 miles south of Naples! Thanks again for the dig out with the all important power point, we would have been lost with out the wifes hairdryer. We are on our way back to Lake Garda, tough life but then somone…. We built the tiger, now we can play with the cubs”
22nd April 11
Moira & Frank, Co Kildare

“I’m sending two Eskimos to you who want to buy a Igloo on wheels! Norway’s roads are very twisty and steep but the camper van is going well. Spring is here now so the snow is going. We’ve crossed the artic circle on May 29th… So far no polar bears.”
May 29th 14
Arthur, Dublin

“Many thanks for this and generally for all your help, nice to do business with you. We had great time at the World Cup! If I ever decide to buy a motorhome, you will be my first port of call”
3rd July 13
Martin, Dublin